Gold Coast Clear carts

Gold Coast Clear carts

Gold Coast Clear carts The biggest thing you’ll find out about Gold Coast Clear (often abbreviated GCC) vape cartridges online is that there’s a ton of people asking about them, and nobody has an answer. This brand lacks its own website or any substantial social media presence, so we might conclude that it’s a completely unregulated brand that’s just packaging. Let’s explore the legend of the Gold Coast Ghost…

Cookies Disposable Vape Pen THC CBD 0.5ml (empty)

Pen Capacity: 0.5ml

Battery: 350mAh

Resistance: 1.4ohms

Rechargeable: No

Flavour/Strain: No flavour/strain labels


  • Cookies branded pen
  • Cookies branded bag


This product does NOT contain THC. This product comes unfilled, empty and ready for the buyer to fill.

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